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Are you driving on rural, rough roads for work or leisure? Do you constantly see unpredictable wildlife venturing closer to the roads edge? Do you want to make it home safely to your family each and every night?

If the answer is YES, you need the ultimate TUFFprotection system!

When your safety is paramount, talk to the experts at TUFF Bullbars Australia.




The 5 Post Bullbar is our most popular type of bullbar. It is a heavy duty product offering the ultimate protection for you, your passengers and vehicle. The 5 Post is the product of choice for people driving predominantly in the country. Where there are high numbers of Kangaroos and other fauna this is essential equipment. The 5 Poster is made of steel or alloy for popular makes and models. The 5 Post bullbar has been designed to withstand the most extreme operating conditions on earth with regard to animal collisions.

4 Post BULLBAR   


The 4 Post Bullbar is a reliable safety device designed to offer you comprehensive protection when traveling in remote or rural areas.




The 3 Post Bullbar is a good looking, strong bullbar designed on the same principals as the 5 and 4 Post, offering substantial protection in or outside rural areas of this large country of ours.

2 Post BULLBAR  


The 2 Post Bullbar is designed for those who require superior protection to the traditional city bullbar while combining stylish looks and lighter weights. The 2 Post Bullbar can be built with an Aerostyle bottom to offer increase clearance for off road adventures.

Aerostyle BULLBAR  


The Aerostyle Bullbar is designed for clients looking for an attractive city type bar with the strength of construction TUFF is renowned for.

TUFF brushrails 


To compliment your bullbar and protect the side of your vehicle, add our much copied but never bettered, Single and Double Brushrails. All our brushrails come with incorporated sidesteps, offering the maximum strength to protect your investment from a side-impact.

TUFF Side steps     


TUFF Side steps only are also available for most makes and models. The extra width of the side steps can not only protect against side-impacts but can also deflect vegetation away from coming into contact with your vehicle. Our steps also have a lip to provide a better finish under the door sill while repelling dirt and mud.

TUFF Nudge BAR    


Made from 76mm Alloy tube, the TUFF Nudge bars are a functional asset to your vehicle for not only the strength and protection of the nudge bar, but also offers option of adding ladder tubes and racks to carry heavy weights on your vehicle. The TUFF Nudge bar is built for a select range of makes and models and provides excellent strength and finish.

TUFF 4x4  


The TUFF4x4 Bullbar is the latest range from TUFF. Offering a steel, winch compatible 4x4 style of bullbar built with TUFF strength and the key features needed for adventuring.


TUFF is well known for its EXTRA OPTIONS and offers the following:

  • Sheeted sides 
  • Protector bars 
  • Mesh or no mesh 
  • Tube size 
  • Extra tags (UHF or for Lightbars)
  • Fog Lights
  • Front rack and tubes
  • Hayman Reese tow point
  • Mini posts
  • Compatible option