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TUFF Trays D-MAX '17 Dual Cab TUFF Tray + Underbody Toolboxes + Rear Removable Rack + Stainless Capping in white.
TUFF Trays F-350 '10 Dual Cab TUFF Tray + Diesel Tank in Head Board in white.
TUFF Trays Choose from several different headboard mesh and tubing options for your TUFF Tray.
TUFF Trays HILUX TRD '17 DCab Steel Floor Ute Tray with Underbody Toolboxes, 2 Spare Tyre Brackets, Stainless Capping with smooth finish powder coat.
TUFF Trays RANGER PX '17 DCab Steel Floor Ute Tray with Rear Rack, 2 Toolboxes, Stainless Capping, Work Light Tags, Rear Slide-Out Draw and Removable Pins.
TUFF Trays The Removable Rear Rack can be transferred behind the headboard when not in use.
TUFF Trays ISUZU NPR '17 Dual Cab Steel Floor TUFF Tray + Folding Gooseneck Kingpin in White.
TUFF Trays DAILY '17 Dual Cab Steel Floor Tray + Fold Away Gooseneck Tow Ball + Underbody Toolboxes + Rear Rack + Stainless Capping + LED Lights in White
TUFF Trays TRITON MQ Dual Cab Steel Floor TUFF Tray + LED Tail Lights + Stainless capping in W32 White
TUFF Trays 70 SERIES GXL '17 Dual Cab TUFF Tray + Rear Rack + Undertray Storage + Toolboxes + Stainless Capping + LED Tail lights in Graphite
TUFF Trays HILUX SR '17 Dual Cab Steel Floor TUFF Tray + Genuine Tail Lights + Stainless Capping + Toolboxes in 040 Glacier White
TUFF Trays 70 SERIES GXL '17 Dual Cab TUFF Tray + Rear Rack + Undertray Storage + Toolboxes + Stainless Capping + in Graphite.
TUFF Trays 70 SERIES '18 Dual Cab with TUFF TRAY + 2 Toolboxes + Light Tags + Rear Rack + Stainless Water Tank + Tie Down Points + Rhino Lining
TUFF Trays 70 SERIES GXL 18 DCab 5 Post 60mm & TUFF Tray + Fuel Tank Headboard +Removable Rack+ Rear Rack - in Antique Silver.

Exceptional quality at a fair price

The new TUFF ute tray combines strength, quality and value for money.

TUFF Trays are built to the same exacting standards that have made the TUFF bullbar a legend in the Australian bush.

TUFF Tray standard features include:

  • Heavy duty 75mm headboard tube as standard
  • Stainless steel capping as standard
  • 3mm steel chequer plate floors for added strength
  • Durable 1.6mm reinforced drop sides with 1.6mm 25x25 RHS 


Seriously TUFF Trays

A key feature of the new TUFF Ute Tray design is the heavy-duty C section mounting frame that gives additional strength and durability.

TUFF trays are given a protective finish using our in-house powder coating and wet spray facilities.

All trays are abrasive blasted and treated with a high zinc primer and top coat. Powder coated finishes give the highest level of protection while the two-pack paint option gives a more traditional tray finish.

Set your tray up to meet your needs

tuff's range of extra options include:

  • Tool trays
  • Fuel tank headboard
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Motorcycle ramp
  • Dog boxes 
  • Spare tyre brackets



  • 76mm diameter headboard/rear rack with a 3.6mm wall thickness
  • 5mm thick ‘c’ section channel welded lengthways
  • 2mm thick 75x50 ribs
  • 3mm checker plate floors
  • 1.6mm 25x25mm reinforced sides as standard
  • Standard tray width of 1950mm OS (1900mm IS)
  • Standard tray lengths: single cab - 2500mm | dual cab - 1875mm | extra cab - 2200mm external dimension from the headboard to the end of the tray. Please note dimensions can vary depending on the vehicle.
  • 3 hinges/gudgeons on tray sides and 2 on tray rear
  • Bolted on mudguards & steps to allow customisation
  • Transferable rear rack - can be stored at the front of the tray with recesses cut into the front and rear of tray floor. Recesses also act as drainage points.
  • Heavy duty rattle proof latches


Trays are manufactured for standard vehicles and towing purposes. It is important to let your sales consultant know of any special requirements and ensure the tray set up will meet your requirements including towing.

What our clients think

TUFF client, Geoff Cole, Warrego Water Services

“I am very pleased with the quality and strength of my TUFF TRAY, especially the extra strong mounting system and capping to finish it off nicely. As always, I am very impressed with TUFF and the customer service offered”, Mr Cole said.


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High Performance, Reliable Bullbars

Clients tell us the reason they choose TUFF is because of the performance and reliability of our bullbars and brushrails/side steps whatever the conditions. Across Australia our clients have come to rely on the TUFF brand for the safety they need on any track or highway at anytime of the day or night.

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Tuff Takes Safety Seriously

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