Bargain hunters package

People have been hunting in Australia for 50,000 years and while people don’t generally need to take animals to survive these days the activity has become a popular recreational activity.

With the explosion of feral animals such as pigs, deer, foxes, cats and rabbits, hunters are playing an increasingly important role in controlling pests that destroy natural habitats and predate on native species. Shooting organisations have worked with state governments to help control feral animals in state forests and organised culls of foxes and cats have been commonplace in regional areas for many years. Most farmers hunt as part of their job with many spending nights driving paddocks to control kangaroo numbers and save valuable crops.

In recognising this, TUFF has put together a Hunters Package to provide cost savings of $840 on top notch accessories.

The package includes the time proven TUFF 5 post bullbar, double brush rails and steps as well as two Lightforce Genesis LED spotlights. A Lightforce blitz hunting spotlight and roof mount is included along with a Lightforce Enforcer handheld light.

In putting together the package TUFF looked at gun rests and decided on the Smart Doorpro rest designed by Australian company Eagleye Hunting Gear. This rest is hard to beat for its versatility and is certainly a step up from some of the set ups attached to doors and mirrors on hunters’ vehicles.

Available from the 6th June till the 31 August 2017.

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