Price Freeze - July 2018


At TUFF Bullbars Australia we work hard to provide our clients with durable, high quality, Australian-made safety accessories. Our products have gained a reputation for being ‘bullet proof’ in the most extreme conditions.

To achieve such high standards of quality we only manufacture in Australia and use the best materials possible. Like all Australian manufacturers, TUFF is faced with material and labour cost increases in line with fluctuations in the Australian dollar, international metal markets and Cost Price Index (CPI) movements.

Value for money is a top priority for us and as such, we have tried to absorb increasing prices in the above commodities. We believe that TUFF products will continue to provide excellent value in terms of craftsmanship, quality materials and service.

With this in mind, we are at a point where we need to review our prices for the next fiscal year. We will be commencing a price adjustment, effective as of the 1st of August 2018. In the meantime, through the month of July, we will be offering a price freeze to clients. This price freeze will allow the current prices to be offered before the price adjustment in August.

Should you have any questions please call TUFF on 1300 BE TUFF (1300 23 8833) and speak to  the Customer Service team.