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Hide The Ute They Are Coming For It.....!

Friday 25 October 2019

SUVs and four wheel drives are in the sights of the environmental activists according to the United States magazine Fast Company. The concern is that SUV sales have doubled in the past decade and these nasty machines  are contributing to CO2 emissions. The magazine which covers technology and trendy issues, reckons the SUVs are more likely to kill pedestrians than smaller cars but the supporting evidence is sketchy as is often the case from the outrage people. God forbid you put a bullbar on the SUV – then you would have a complete pedestrian scaring weapon.

Following an accident in Germany where three people were killed in a tragic accident, the activists took to the street blaming the SUV (that was driven by a person). Now apparently, some environmental not for profits reckon the car manufacturers shouldn’t be making SUVs at all. The German newspaper  Handelsbatt joined the chorus with a headline “SUV insanity”. Meanwhile local governments are looking at bans on SUVs in heavily populated areas. And it doesn’t look like Bill Shorten’s electric cars idea will work either because electric SUVs apparently create too many environmental issues because they are heavier.

So there you have it, the next target after Adani coal mine could be the ute or the Pajero. Hopefully protestors won’t glue themselves to the bonnet of the Hilux before the family goes camping or the dad goes to the job site.


Hide The Ute They Are Coming For It.....!

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