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About Us

TUFF Bullbars Australia is one of the leading Australian distributors and manufacturers of vehicle frontal protection systems and is nationally recognized, well-respected brand in the aftermarket accessory industry.

At TUFF we want to make a positive difference for our clients, our employees and the community. We see our role as protecting our clients and their property on the road.


the tuff story

How it all started

Phil Griffiths purchased TUFF Bullbars and Ute Shop in 2002 - a small bullbar manufacturing business in rented premises, with a handful of staff. Phil was joined by his son Anton and together they improved manufacturing processes and business systems. It was all hands on deck in the early days with Phil working on the welder making jigs while Anton learned the trade of fitting bullbars.

After six years of rapid growth the company became TUFF Bullbars Australia, as it is known today. During this time the TUFF team worked diligently to provide quality products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service which helped sustain strong growth.

As the TUFF reputation grew, the quantity of bullbars increased to the point that TUFF required its own powder coating facility, to reduce lead times for clients and to ensure quality expectations were met.

This lead to the establishment of TUFF Coating in 2008.

TUFF Bullbars Australia is now widely regarded as the manufacturer of the best bullbars in Australia.

Experienced team

TUFF’s success is the result of the efforts of its team and the company is proud of the long service of many employees. Production Manager Troy North has 22 years service with the company while Fitting Supervisor Lloyd George and Rails Supervisor Jordan Tibble have both worked with TUFF for 10 years. This combined experience in the industry gives TUFF a significant edge in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.

Community activities

TUFF is proud to assist in local communities and is a sponsor of the Careflight rescue helicopter service. In the sporting arena, TUFF is a major sponsor of the Toowoomba Hockey Association.



TUFF Group

TUFF Bullbars sister company, TUFF Coatings commenced operations in October 2008 and the company has grown rapidly, providing services to a number of leading mining and agriculture manufacturers as well as TUFF Bulbars.

The business owners, Phil and Anton Griffiths personal reputations and commitment are linked to all companies and a family focus is emphasised over hierarchy. Companies are empowered to run their own affairs, but still help one another, and solutions to problems come from many sources.

Many companies espouse a set of brand values, which often become completely meaningless. TUFF believes that the most important thing is the way values are delivered and brought to life.


TUFF Values:

At TUFF we want to make a positive difference for our clients, our employees and the community. We see our role as protecting our clients and their property on the road. We deliver a quality product with premium service, while continually improving our customers’ experience.



TUFF is serious about being truthful and fair with clients, suppliers and competitors. We are honest about pricing, delivery times and the services we offer and actually follow through on what we promise.

Exceptional Customer Service

The TUFF team is friendly, helpful, and professional.


The TUFFteam adheres to a strong moral and ethical code, both professionally and personally - a company and team with a sound moral character.


TUFF works to high standards, attention to detail and effective quality control.


TUFF works to continuously improve its business, develop new products and provide upgrades to Bullbars and Brushrail/side steps.


At TUFF we are serious about protecting lives and the services we offer. It is however important to have fun along the way, and we encourage our clients and team members to enjoy their experience.

Competitive Challenge

TUFF aims to provide the best possible products for clients and provide a quality Australian made alternative to imported Bullbars and Brushrail/side steps.

Value for Money

Simple, honest and transparent pricing is a priority for TUFF. Our products are not the cheapest on the market, but they definitely give the most bang for your buck.