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Steel vs. Alloy

Not all bullbars are made equal


TUFF alloy bullbars have performed as well as steel bars in independent impact test thanks to the heavy duty materials and construction we use. Alloy bullbars are recommended for some vehicles such as the Landcruiser 200 Series due to the material’s weight saving properties.

The specifications for our Alloy bullbars are below:

  • 203mm channel 10mm thick
  • 178mm channel 8mm thick
  • 127mm channel 5.5mm thick
  • 60 alloy tube 4mm thick
  • 48 alloy tube 4.47mm thick

All alloy is t4 grade material.


Steel is the material of choice for many TUFF clients and our quality steel and heavy duty construction give clients the confidence to go anywhere at anytime knowing they have the best vehicle protection available.

  • All channel is 3mm thick
  • Our 60mm or 50mm tube is 4mm thick

All steel is 350 grade high strength structural material with nominal yield strength of 350 MPa.